Services & Activities

D’HOME is a mental health organization that provides mental health services to clients and caregivers from Mondays-Fridays 10am-6pm except on public holidays.
Some of our services include (please refer to our brochures for more details):
1) Talks/Seminars/Workshops
2) Educational Courses – F.L.E.P
3) S.C.O.P.E (Schools-Community Outreach Programme)
4) Support Groups
5) Counseling & Therapy
6) Self-development Programmes
7) Community Outreach Support
8) Chat & Connect (Therapeutic Activities)
9) Psychosociomotor Activities for the Elderly
Note: Please call or email us if you are unsure if any of the above programmes is suitable for you or your loved ones. Please leave us your name and number if you cannot reach us and we will contact you as soon as we can.
Chat & Connect Every Tuesday 11.00am – 1.00pm D’Home Premises Suitable for anyone above 12 years old who is able to follow instructions, willing and ready to socialize and will benefit from social interaction.
Psychosociomotor Supportive Therapy 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month 11.00am – 12.30pm D’Home Premises Suitable for elderly clients and caregivers including those with early to moderate stage of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Gardening Monday to Friday 5.00pm – 7.00pm D’Home Garden N/A
Individual, Couples & Family Therapy Call 04-6434432 for appoinment D’Home Premises N/A
Participants at Talks Support Group Session
Students & Teachers attending S.C.O.P.E. Workshops
Physio exercises for the elderly Chat & Connect – Fun activities