U-Voice National University Singing Competition

D’Home is glad to be one of the beneficiary unit of U-Voice National University Singing Competition 🥰

-D’Home非常荣幸成为U-Voice全国大专声歌唱比赛的活动收益单位 . 于此邀请热爱唱歌的各位一起来参加这个比赛喔 !

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全国大专声歌唱比赛 U-Voice National University Singing Competition

lgAtSrprodpoailr tansor1lef4d inatSl s1So2e:00h PdM  · 【开放报名】热爱唱歌的各位大咖,看过来!缺少表演舞台的你!U-Voice 将会是你不容错过的舞台。今年的U-Voice 将以线上的方式进行,有总值逾两千令吉的奖品待你来赢取!你是否也梦想着成为明日之星, 在舞台上发光发热? 那么别再犹豫了! U-Voice全国大专声歌唱比赛现已开放报名!报名将在4月21日截止。报名费:RM12(理大生)RM15(非理大生) 请依照以下步骤报名:一、请将报名费汇款至以下户口。KONG RUI YANG6424243915Public Bank并在Recipient Reference中写上自己的英文全名,保存好汇款证明。二、扫描海报中的二维码或者点击以下报名链接填写资料并把自己录制好的歌唱视频上传到报名表单里。https://forms.gle/o9LwEdLb3Shf8Ye79 试音日期:2021年4月14日(星期三)至2021年4月21日(星期三)只需将录制完成的歌唱视频上传到报名链接即可。 半决赛日期:2021年4月30日(星期五)至2021年5月1日(星期六) 决赛日期:2021年5月8日(星期六)至2021年5月9日(星期日)三、详细阅读以下参赛规则与赛制以确保自己能够成功参赛。https://rb.gy/y27as4更多详情,请联络以下负责人:陈静仪 Tan Jing Yee 016-4424991梁财荣 Neo Chai Eng 014-3288013林荣汉 Lim Weng Han 018-3716455[REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN] For those who love to sing, U-voice will be held online now. Prizes are waiting for you to win!U-Voice National University Singing Competition is now opening for registration until 21st April 2021. Registration fee:RM12 (USM student)RM15 (Non-USM student)Follow the following steps for registration:1. Bank in the registration fee to the account below. Please write your full English name as the recipient reference.KONG RUI YANG6424243915Public Bank2. Scan the QR code in the poster or click the registration link below to fill in your details and upload the bank in receipt.https://forms.gle/o9LwEdLb3Shf8Ye79Audition Date: 14/4/2021 (Wed) – 21/4/2021 (Wed)Record your singing video and upload it to the registration link.Semi-finalDate: 30/4/2021 (Fri) – 1/5/2021 (Sat)Final Date: 8/5/2021 (Sat) – 9/5/2021 (Sun)3. Read the rules and regulations below carefully to ensure that you can participate in this competition successfully.https://rb.gy/rayd4fIf you would like to enquire further, feel free to contact: 陈静仪 Tan Jing Yee 016-4424991梁财荣 Neo Chai Eng 014-3288013林荣汉 Lim Weng Han 018-3716455#开放报名啦#理华歌咏组#WeWantYou#UVoice2021#大专声SingOutUVoice

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