Our Mission

Dato Seri Leslie Lee Kim Guan


D’HOME MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION (PERSATUAN MINDA D’HOME) is an NGO established in Penang in 2004 and was officially registered on 10 March 2006. It is managed by an elected committee comprising of mental health professionals and other volunteers committed to the care and support of mental health in the community.

The panel of advisors includes psychiatrist and medical doctors from both the public and public hospitals. Most vital of all is that our consultancy services are at no cost to those who need our help most.

It all began with one man’s vision who dared to dream in making a better tomorrow by building a better world to those who are unfortunate. His mission was to give hope and meaning in life to those who are desperately in need of hope. Dato Seri Leslie Lee Kim Guan, Executive Chairman of New Bob Group of Companies is the man behind this dream. With his experience of more than 40 years as caregiver in attending to his older brother who suffers from schizophrenia, he has wide knowledge in understanding how detrimental mental illness is like.


  • To provide support, guidance and education for caregivers and families;
  • To improve the quality of life who suffers from psychiatric disabilities;
  • To develop their social functioning skills thereby increasing and enhancing their rate of successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society;
  • To create awareness for better understanding of mental health issues through educational programs, talks and seminars and workshops.

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