What our “client” has to say

Stress Less, Love Live More!


“I was first afflicted with mental disorder at the age of 16. My parents have been very supportive. My father accompanies me regularly to Chat & Connect where I get to meet a myriad of people that have brightened my life. I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to D’Home for providing me the building blocks towards my recovery.”


“As a caregiver I find the activities conducted by D’Home very helpful for my daughter whose confidence and self-esteem has grown over the years. I also benefitted from the activities as I can at the same time de-stress, give myself a break and recharge my battery at the same time.”

PMC Medical Student

“Overall the experience in D’Home is a positive one for medical students like me. It has changed my personal view towards psychiatry – that it’s not just about making diagnosis or prescribing medication but the importance of providing patients with social support. Evidently, D’Home is providing an important and crucial service towards the management of the patients illness and their successful recovery.”

“We enjoyed the sessions very much and find the various activities and programs that have been systematically tailored for us, both enriching and beneficial as they help us release our tension and free us in body, spirit and soul. We, and people who are in similar situation, definitely need a place like this to intermingle, share and get emotional support from one another.”

— Client & Caregiver

“This is really a true community service which is not only free but provide us a serene, safe, friendly and warm environment to hang out and be accepted for who we really are.”

— Client & Caregiver

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